Eternal Truths Comic Strip

Eternal Truths Comic Strip

Lyvea’s Life-Enhancing Forecast for August 2012

August 2:  Full moon in Aquarius. The month of Leo is now in full swing, so think like a lion, walk like a lion, and lavish your love on everything you do. That’s how Leos get things done, and after all these Arctic winter night, a blaze of fiery Leo optimism is exactly what we need. On August 2, the full moon in Aquarius is exactly opposite the Leo sun, and this is a potent time indeed. Do something real, or even symbolic, that shows the world who you truly are. This is also the start of a romantic week for Arians, Leos, Sagittarians, Gemini, Librans and Aquarians. Fire and air make a perfect match, so open up and share your feelings. You may be delighted by the smile you see, the virtual flowers delivered to your Facebook page, or the life-changing hug that comes your way.

August 8: Mercury goes direct. At last, this Mercury retrograde phase is over, and life gets back to normal again. But oh dear, what is “normal” these days, when our entire view of reality is morphing quicker than you can say “Galactic Butterfly”? The answer is this: life will be “normal” in the sense that people will actually answer your questions without getting completely side-tracked. Also, people will also be able to conduct a conversation without first demanding a million compliments.

August 18: New Moon in Leo. This is a brilliant new moon indeed, so take some time to set your intentions for the glorious month ahead. But Mars and Saturn are active too, meaning that if someone is bluffing you, it’s a wonderful time to call their bluff. Don’t be shy; speak your truth.

August 23: The month of Virgo begins. Virgos often get a bad rap, but honestly, where would humanity be without spreadsheets? Not to mention water filters, worm farms, and the nearest espresso machine. Inventing all these handy things is what makes Virgos total geniuses. But don’t be fooled; they’re deep as well, with gracious souls and delightful dreams, if you know how to open them up. In a word: patience. Oh and respect. Well, that’s two words, but they will work wonders.

August 31: Full moon in Pisces. If you feel overwhelmed by everything, cuddle up on the couch with someone, or listen to some soothing music, because this full moon, and the days leading up to it, are a very sensitive time. If you have information overload, this is definitely a day to unplug and drift off into another realm. Living quietly in your heart will get you so much further today. Actually, that goes for every day as this incredible year unfolds, and the mind and the heart become as one.

Star Sign Stories, Volume Five, Leo will be available shortly at my shop as an eBook for $2.99. It’s being tweaked now by my wonderful eBook publishing guru, and as soon as it’s available, I will let you know.


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