Story Medicine with Lyvea Rose


Greetings, fair traveller, and welcome to my website.

I am an astrology columnist

who believes in the transformative power of humour, 

and I have a couple of funny novels

in the pipeline as well. 

My horoscopes have been published

in Australia and the USA, 

and currently I write for YOUR STARS magazine, 

published by The Psychic Club of Australia.

My blog is a series of very silly cartoons.

I call it The Eternal Truths Comic Strip.

Why? Because a picture paints a thousand wise old words…

Sadly, it is currently on hold while I finish my first novel,

 but no doubt it will be back some day, so if you wish, you can still subscribe.

I am also a fully-fledged clairvoyant.

I offer astrology readings and clairvoyant readings in person

at Childers, in Queensland, Australia

Find out about a reading with me

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my in-depth horoscopes in

“YOUR STARS” magazine,

published by the Psychic Club of Australia.

Available from newsagents around the country.

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