Story Medicine with Lyvea Rose


Hi and welcome to my website.

I am a writer of humorous astrology columns,

and I have a couple of funny novels in the pipeline as well.

I’ve been published in Australia and the US

and currently I write for YOUR STARS magazine,

published by The Psychic Club of Australia.

I also write a blog which aims to be

both spiritually pure and as funny as the day you were reborn

and started to wonder what life is all about.

It’s my belief that laughter is so good for your soul

you practically don’t need to eat antioxidants at all

(although everything helps, don’t you find?)

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I offer readings at SPIRIT CAVE, in Childers, Australia.

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“YOUR STARS” magazine,

published by the Psychic Club of Australia.

I write about half the magazine…in-depth horoscopes for all twelve star signs.

Available from newsagents all around Australia.

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